Thursday, November 18, 2010

Suspended Ruffles

I opted for a fun little look today for my midwife appointment since it's just going to be a quickie 
though I'm slightly disappointed I'm not getting an ultrasound to determine the sex before our 10 day vacation...Guess I'm going to have to test out my grandmother's "old wives tale" trick, which by the way was accurate with my first pregnancy. Do you ladies believe in the old wives tales during pregnancy?
 Jumper Kensie, Top Nordstrom Rack, Shoes C/O GoJane, Bag and Sunglasses Old Navy


  1. Er. Which old wives' tale technique is this?

  2. The one where you dangle a ring or charm on a 12'' in necklace above your belly, and if it moved in circles it's a boy and if it's side to side it's a girl. It's worked on my mom and my first baby.