Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pink Panther

Sweater dresses are pretty much my savior at the moment, being that my jeans are already snug and the thought of squeezing into anything right now gives me anxiety. With that being said I love the comfort and versatility that a sweater dress gives. They're easily paired over tights, leggings, skirts and even (ugh) jeans. I snagged this fabulous sweater at H&M last weeks for $15 bucks and love it, even though the tunic underneath kept making it ride up leaving to scout better "under" alternatives.
 Jacket Target, Tights Old Navy, Dress H&M, Tank Old Navy, Booties Forever21, Bag Old Navy


  1. I just stumbled upon this blog while reading The Frugalista diaries and I had no idea you were pregnant, if you mentioned it in that blog I completely missed it! Congratulations!!! Very exciting :)

  2. Lindsey, I just announced it today! Thank you :)