Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling for Fall

Fall happens to be my favorite season, I love the layering, boots and tights. Which makes it a little harder when you're pregnant and growing. At just over 13 weeks, my clothes are already getting a little snug...which I hear happens the second time around. None the less, I will not let this ruin my favorite season and will find a way to be Pregnant and Fabulous. Today my husband, son and I decided to go for a picnic in the park since the weather was oh so gorgeous. I can't believe it's actually fall in Florida, pinch me! I opted for a printed maxi dress paired with a (highly placed) belted cardigan and platform sandals.

Dress Tricia Fix, Cardigan Old Navy, Vintage Accessories, Michael Kors Shoes

Pregnant and Fabulous Tip: I love maxi dresses during pregnancy and it turns out they're right on target for fall.  And they're the most comfortable chic dresses out there, especially on glowing pregnant women. Pair them with heels or flats, a fitted jackets or cardigan.  Don't forget to play with color, prints and ruffles.