Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lack Of Updates...

You may have noticed I haven't updated in quite awhile,
that's because I'm back to work full time at...

 The Frugalista Diaries, with updates every now and then with the kiddos!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It looks like keeping up with two blogs and a two year isn't the easiest feat during pregnancy, therefore explaining my lack of updating Pregnant and Fabulous since eck, February? Sorry..

As it turns out my due date has come and gone (ok, it was yesterday so slack will be cut)...But I will say that I'm feeling kind of patient and could easily do the the whole 'pregnant and fabulous' routine for another couple of weeks, I'm probably exaggerating...

But here's what I've been wearing in the many weeks I haven't updated...Xo

I will you keep you updated if things change....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terra Cotta Sun

Seriously how perfect are these colors together? 
banana republic dress, old navy cardigan, nine west shoes, vintage belt, my creation necklace 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping Up...

Sorry for the lack of fashionable posts, here's what I've been wearing...
 Nordstrom Rack Top, Old Navy Maternity Jeans, Vince Camuto Heels, Old Navy Jacket, Ray Ban Aviators
 Dress (?), Jacket Juicy Couture, Shoes c/o GoJane, Belt Vintage
 Dress Ben Sherman Via Rue La La, Blazer Target, Bag Old Navy, Shoes Vince Camuto
 Dress c/o Isabella Oliver, Tights c/o Sculptz, Necklace Vintage
 Jacket Juicy Couture, Jeans and Sweater Old Navy, Shirt Marshall's, Boots Nine West
 Dress I-N-C, Jacket Old Navy, Boots Baker's, Clutch Chanel (wallet)
 Dress Meet Me In Miami, Sweater BCBG Max Azria, Boots Nine West, Bag Old Navy (2006)
 Jacket and Dress I-N-C, Booties Steve Madden, Clutch Chanel 
 Jacket My Creation, Shirt To The Max, Jeans Old Navy Maternity, Shoes SM New York, Clutch Vintage
 Dress TjMaxx, Sweater Old Navy, Shoes Bakers
Trench Burberry, Jeans Old Navy Maternity, Shoes Michael Kors, Bag Old Navy

7 Weeks and Counting!

When all you can do is laugh...

It seems I've been slacking on Pregnant and Fabulous, and it's not because I want to. Apparently nesting with no nest is quite the impossible task especially with all your stuff boxed up infront of you, while you wait to potentially move up the coast. But it's getting close to 'go time' and I'm starting to think this whole move isn't happening. And It's all fine and dandy, minus the fact that well we uprooted ourselves out of our place in Orlando and trekked down to Sarasota for what was supposed to be a 2 week vacation for Christmas and are now living in my Grandmother's empty home with 90% of our stuff packed away in boxes in the garage. Super fun time, and to top off the chaos my toddler broke my laptop screen the other morning by dropping it on his head. And right now all that I can do to keep my cool is laugh, and I'll be laughing the whole way to the computer store to fork over $400+ to get my macbook fixed. But until then I get rock with half of a working screen (and the other half where my son's head planted as a reminder of how toddlers should never be allowed expensive equipment).

Pregnancy, making everything easier ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glamour Bump

 Adding color to my seemingly mostly black wardrobe not only gives me a little more 'sunshine' but it also can be a lot prettier. I couldn't believe how pretty this dress (see full review here) was when I first got it, and paired with the sweater gave it an unusual casual glamour that could be worn for brunch, work, a date or even a shopping excursion.
Dress Everly Grey c/o Stella Maternity, Sweater Old Navy, Bag Old Navy, Shoes Vince Camuto via Swirl

Monday, February 7, 2011

Delivery Gowns - Fabulous or Faux Pas

I'll be the first to admit that those drab hospital delivery gowns they give you are the worst, they're itchy and not to mention ugly. Ok ugly is an understatement, so much so that I refused to wear one and went au natural (TMI) for my first birth. My midwife kept asking if I wanted to put one on and I was like I'm good, but I also had my son in a 'birthing center' not a hospital so they were a little more easy going about the whole nudity thing. 

However, I've been noticing more and more on maternity boutique sites that they're offering more stylish and comfortable delivery gowns, most for a pretty penny. And who wants to shell out $100+ for something that let's face it gets ruined after one wear, not me. I mean it's great in theory but in practicality not so much, well unless you like wearing things once then, net gain.

Nonetheless, I did happen to stumble upon some fabulous delivery gowns at Stella Maternity that we're extremely reasonable not to mention pretty fierce looking. This might even make me re-think my whole au natural situation ( I wonder if it'd be appropriate to wear heels with them, kidding)...
Pretty Pushers Organic Delivery Gown, $45.95 (for you 'green' ladies)

What do you think?