Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When all you can do is laugh...

It seems I've been slacking on Pregnant and Fabulous, and it's not because I want to. Apparently nesting with no nest is quite the impossible task especially with all your stuff boxed up infront of you, while you wait to potentially move up the coast. But it's getting close to 'go time' and I'm starting to think this whole move isn't happening. And It's all fine and dandy, minus the fact that well we uprooted ourselves out of our place in Orlando and trekked down to Sarasota for what was supposed to be a 2 week vacation for Christmas and are now living in my Grandmother's empty home with 90% of our stuff packed away in boxes in the garage. Super fun time, and to top off the chaos my toddler broke my laptop screen the other morning by dropping it on his head. And right now all that I can do to keep my cool is laugh, and I'll be laughing the whole way to the computer store to fork over $400+ to get my macbook fixed. But until then I get rock with half of a working screen (and the other half where my son's head planted as a reminder of how toddlers should never be allowed expensive equipment).

Pregnancy, making everything easier ;)

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