Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pamper Yourself You Deserve it

Pregnancy isn't always the most embracing of experiences, from the morning sickness and over active bladder to the aches and sleepless nights. It's almost hard to believe such a thing is actually for the best, but it turns out, it is and we just somehow have to muscle through it all with little distractions along the way. Like baking, planning a fabulous nursery, picking the perfect name and of course pampering yourself. Yes, pampering is a must to keep your sanity through this 'awkward' yet beautiful (as some say)  time in your life. It's the little things you do for your self that you take for granted, but won't be so easy to take advantage of once the little one comes.

Here are some of my suggestions for a little mommy to be pampering (for cheap, and even free)...

* Take a soothing bubble bath, candles and all, while either listening to to some soothing tunes or clearing your head for a little bit while meditating. You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel afterward (and how after the baby comes you'll be lucky to get in a quiet 5 minute shower alone).

* Give yourself a manicure and pedicure, or go get one - but be sure that they keep up on their hygiene since risk of infection is increased during pregnancy. Be bold and pick a color you've never tried before!

* Bake yourself some cookies and sit down for your favorite flick.

* Buy yourself a new dress or sweater that will make you feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy, my first time around I bought a couple of cotton maxi dresses and lived in the them throughout the pregnancy.

* Get a massage or ask your hubby (or boyfriend) to rub you down, feet and all.

* Throw on some lipstick or mascara, I know it sounds stupid but even when you're feeling your worst you'll feel a little better with a pop of color.

* Do something you love to do, like take a walk through the park or on the beach with a smoothie or hot cocoa.

How do you like to pamper yourself?

Xo Megan

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